ENEX-Led Consortium Secures €1.6M Grant to Develop Next-Gen Video Distribution Platform

We are delighted to announce that an ENEX led consortium has won a €1.6m grant from the European Union to develop a next-generation video distribution platform for its European and global news partners.

The link to official results is available here:

Create and Exchange is a project aiming to further develop an existing professional video exchange platform to boost the publication and broadcast of quality news mainly across commercial TVs in the European Union. It would add AI-driven solutions and metadata to the platform and feed it with new short-form video products, with an ambition to cover all EU languages using automated applications. 23 partners across 21 EU countries would gain direct benefit from this action.

The proposal is enhanced with knowledge-sharing initiatives among its members and a small content fund to engage with younger audiences. Content initiatives will drive cross-border cooperation in journalism and surface new formats to engage their audiences.

Consortium coordinated by the ENEX (LU), and including BCE – Broadcasting Center Europe (LU), SIC Notícias (PO), RTL Lëtzebuerg (LU), RTL Deutschland (GE), M6INFO (FR), RTL Hrvatska (HR), RTL Belgium (BE).