A24 Moves Into Latin America

ENEX’s agency partner, A24 is expanding its footprint of coverage even further. Since February 2022 A24 has opened an office in Peru marking the agency’s foray into Latin America.

A24 is also looking to expand further in Latin America taking in coverage from Colombia, Venezuela and Paraguay. Last year A24 announced its expansion into Asia and in the future operations are planned in Europe, starting with Ukraine, Moldova and the Baltic States.

Sad Passing Of ENEX Legend

Enex is sad to report the death of Michael Bach who was Enex’s Deputy Managing Director from 1994 until his retirement in 2013.  He was 68. Michael joined Enex at its creation working alongside its founder Nic Jakob. 

A native German from Glatten the Black Forest region,  Michael still lived in Luxembourg with his wife Geli enjoying frequent trips abroad to escape the winters. Prior to joining Enex, Michael was the Head of News for RTL Germany’s Breakfast programming which started broadcasting from Luxembourg before being relocated to Berlin.  

All his colleagues and friends remember his positive and generous spirit.  Post retirement Michael returned to work at Enex on several occasions including during the terrorist attacks on the Bataclan venue in Paris. His experience was much appreciated and admired by all those who worked with him. 

Ukraine Conflict: ENEX suspends membership of NTV Russia from its Executive Committee

ENEX has decided to suspend the membership of NTV Russia from its Executive Committee in the light of events in Ukraine. ENEX continues to work closely with its partner station 1+1 Ukraine in their efforts to continue broadcasting.  

ENEX is redistributing a special joint television feed of Ukrainian news content via satellite and LiveU. ENEX applauds the efforts of its members to cover the conflict and provide valuable information to their audiences all over the world.

ENEX General Assembly Curaçao: First physical conference in 2 years

Willemstad, Curacao was the exotic location for Enex’s first physical conference in two years. The news agency has strong news partnerships across Latin America and the Caribbean islands including the local host, TeleCuracao. 50 representatives from Enex’s membership attended the meeting which featured special sessions on reporting the environment, the rise of opinion news, and a debate about cancel culture.

Four new Enex partners, who have joined over the last 18 months, gave introductory presentations including TVC News, Nigeria, TeleOnce, Puerto Rico, Bandeirantes, Brazil, and Real TV, Azerbaijan. Enex now has 54 members worldwide.

A high-level delegation from WAM, the national news agency of the UAE, also attended to sign a Latin American cooperation deal and highlight EXPO 2020, Dubai which runs until March 2022.

REAL TV Azerbaijan joins ENEX

ENEX welcomes REAL TV, Azerbaijan to our partnership! REAL has been on the air since 2018 and steadily growing its audiences since then. It’s great to grow our alliance into new territories!

ENEX Expands further in Africa and Asia

ENEX is growing even bigger! We have two new partners, both leaders in their territories.

TVBS joins us from Taiwan and TVC News from Nigeria. Here are some interesting facts: Taiwan has been one of the most successful nations in the world tackling Coronavirus.

Nigeria’s population is more than 200 million – the 7th most populous nation in the world. Look out for Taiwanese content and Nigerian stories already appearing on our platform.



CCTV+ and ENEX Partners Announce New Cooperation on Business News

CCTV+ and ENEX have signed a new agreement to cooperate closely on video production projects to highlight business and finance news in China. Travel restrictions, because of Covid, has made reporting in China impossible for many channels who do not have a bureau in Beijing or Shanghai.

ENEX will now work with CCTV+ producers to supply economic news to ENEX partners as economies strive to emerge from the shock of the global pandemic. Read more

ENEX European Partners and China Cooperate on Video

ENEX and RTL Germany have participated in China Media Group’s 2020 European Media Partners Cooperation Online Forum.

In a panel discussion, we’ll discuss how to strengthen video cooperation and information exchange about the pandemic and vaccine deployment.

ENEX is always keen on cooperation and great to work with our colleagues at CCTV+ on this exciting event which airs on December 10th.

Virtual General Assembly Sets New Record

Wow! More than 90 participants attended our virtual zoom General Assembly. Speakers included ENEX’s newest partner, Bandeirantes, Brazil. The biggest hit of the meeting turned out not to be our powerpoint slides on the budget but the musical interlude from Aemy Niafeliz. 

Aemy’s page is


and she is one of Curacao’s most talented singers. Willemstad, Curacao is the destination for GA2021 – Covid allowing!

Can Covid-19 Teach Us How To Save The Planet?

After Biden’s win it looks like the USA will rejoin the Paris Accords to limit carbon emissions and reduce global warming. By itself that won’t be enough to limit climate change. In our ENEX webinar series we tackled what needs to be done and whether or not the response to Covid can show us the way to save the planet.

September 2020 was the hottest month ever recorded. Millions of acres in California have been scorched by devasting wildfires producing the region’s first ever ‘’gigafire’’. In Siberia, land normally covered in snow has instead hosted uncontrollable fires that spew carbon emissions into the atmosphere, adding to the still climbing toll of pollutants produced by human activity. Many scientists believe it is already too late to avert a global disaster.

But the Covid pandemic has shown us how society can rapidly change and adapt to new realities. Pollution levels plummeted during lockdown. Efforts to build more sustainable and green economies have been accelerated. When we emerge from the pandemic, will it have taught us how to solve climate change?

+++ This is a remastered edit of the LIVE Webinar from 28. October 2020 +++

with Richard Calland

Associate Professor in Public Law University of Cape Town Richard Calland has thirty years of experience in law, politics and sustainability. He practiced law at the bar for seven years before moving to South Africa in 1994 to work on the country’s founding democratic election. He is now based at the University of Cape Town (UCT) as an Associate Professor in Public Law. Richard is a Fellow of the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and has advised a large number of organizations including the World Bank.He Is a prominent political analyst, and a columnist.


Emily Shuckburgh
Director of Cambridge Zero University of Cambridge Dr Emily Shuckburgh is Director of Cambridge Zero at the University of Cambridge and Reader in Environmental Data Science at the Department of Computer Science and Technology. She is a mathematician and climate scientist and a Fellow of Darwin College, a Fellow of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, an Associate Fellow of the Centre for Science and Policy and a Fellow of the British Antarctic Survey.


Gary Kendall
Strategy & Sustainability Advisor, Systems Thinker, Natural Scientist Dr Gary Kendall has been working at the intersection of business strategy and systemic risk for more than a decade. Prior to joining Nedbank in November 2013, he was Deputy Director at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) in Cape Town for 3 years, helping business leaders in Southern Africa to understand the mounting system pressures that will reshape their operating context. Gary previously served as Executive Director at SustainAbility, a hybrid think-tank and strategy consultancy based in London, where he advised numerous blue-chip organisations


with the cooperation of the University of Cambridge This webinar video contains video sequences with copyright University of Cambridge, usage approved by the University of Cambridge. This webinar video also contains several photos from Unsplash.com and Shutterstock. Shutterstock images used in the video are licensed to Adrian Wells / Managing Director ENEX