News Service

At ENEX we believe in the strength of partnerships. Our news service prides itself on accurate, in-time video news on a variety of subjects.  Our news items are between 1-7 minutes long and have English-language metadata attached.

Our members contribute more than 40,000 news videos yearly to our news service. NewsLink, our web-based exchange platform is the heart of the exchange.

ENEX stories are the stories that are our members create for their own news. They are based on the local insight and expertise that ensures reliability, relevance and exclusivity.

News of the day

We focus on the news of the day including political, business and financial news, accidents, natural and man-made disasters, riots, reporting on armed conflict and terrorism. We are free of any national or regional bias and report on events as they unfold, around the world.


B-Stories or Features are custom-made journalism by member broadcasters  and focus on a particular story that has hit the news and warrants deeper research. Areas of interest are reports on armed conflicts and humanitarian crises or on the human side of economic and financial news.


A broad portfolio of items in the fields of entertainment (music, films, television, celebrities and), sports (especially premium football from Europe’s big leagues Spain, Germany, the UK, France and Italy) and weather (delivering you pictures on floods, wild fires, thunderstorms etc)


ENEX members contribute with live coverage of breaking news that become instantly available to our network through our satellite.

ENEX’s history is deeply steeped in news gathering and ENEX Live has thus always played an extremely important part in the organisation.  Events covered include press conferences, public announcements and election coverage, as well as breaking news delivery in the case of accidents, disasters and armed conflict.

Our Delivery Platform: NewsLink

home-screen-312x303The ENEX network exchanges its news videos on its NewsLink platform. NewsLink is a proprietary platform that is compatible with all major newsroom systems and delivers ENEX material as individual, digital files.  NewsLink is extremely user friendly and has received the best reviews from users – from Asia to Africa, from Europe to the Americas. Delivery works in two directions simultaneously and is up to 100x faster than delivery via FTP. NewsLink is fully HD compatible. While the majority of our content is still in SD 16:9, we expect this to change over the next years as HD will begin to take hold in the newsrooms of our members. We cater for HD and 4:3, too.