Telma TV from North Macedonia joins ENEX

ENEX is pleased to announce a significant expansion of its membership through the Create and Exchange Project. Telma TV, headquartered in Skopje, North Macedonia initiated its trial membership in September 2023.

Telma stands as one of North Macedonia’s prominent national broadcasters, recognized for its impartial and critical approach within its news programming. Beyond the realm of politics, Telma covers a wide array of topics including economics, entertainment, culture, science, health, and sports, with a strong commitment to fact-checking and countering the impact of fake news.

In addition to their daily news broadcasts, Telma’s most popular shows include “Win-win,” which delves into various political subjects in Macedonia and beyond, “Top Tema,” a debate-style program focused on Macedonian themes, and “Evro Fokus,” a program primarily exploring European and EU affairs, with a special focus on their implications for North Macedonia.

ENEX is delighted to welcome such a diverse and trusted broadcaster into its membership, thereby enhancing its presence in the Western Balkans and Southeastern Europe. This development also provides our partners with a new gateway to the region.