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European Parliament signs agreement with private TV outlets

Ahead of the European elections on 6-9 June, the European Parliament signed on Thursday a Memorandum of Understanding with ENEX – the European News Exchange.

ENEX represents 55 private TV outlets. The partnership will deepen the cooperation between the two sides to ensure broad coverage of the European elections.

With the Memorandum of Understanding, the European Parliament and ENEX seek to strengthen the collaboration between Parliament’s communication services and ENEX’s headquarters, to increase awareness and cooperation of each other’s services and to fosterdirect contacts.  

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AI-Based Video Distribution Platform to Boost News Exchange Across Europe and Beyond

An Enex led consortium has won a Euros 1.6m grant from the European Union to develop a next generation video distribution platform for its European and global news partners.  The project, called “Create and Exchange”, will utilize AI technologies to allow the rapid translation and transcription of video to multiple EU languages and enhance live news feed distribution.

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ENEX-Led Consortium Secures €1.6M Grant to Develop Next-Gen Video Distribution Platform

We are delighted to announce that an ENEX led consortium has won a €1.6m grant from the European Union to develop a next-generation video distribution platform for its European and global news partners.

The link to official results is available here:

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