Purchasing cooperative

Satellite capacity is where ENEX strength as a purchasing cooperative comes to life.

We combine the buying power of our members to conclude a large volume permanent satellite contract with prices much lower than each individual member could achieve alone.

The capacity is then split among members according to contributions.

Breaking news

Besides serving the members’ individual needs, our satellite is the cornerstone of our breaking news coverage.

Whenever breaking news happens, the live signal is quickly transferred though our satellite to our whole network.

Use of satellite capacity

Members get a daily allowance for the use of the satellite according to their contributions:

  • A daily block-booking, which is a guaranteed specific time slot on the satellite and
  • A daily free allowance, which they can book whenever a need arises during the day
  • Members can also book further slots (over the allowance), at preferential rates.

Satellite bookings are coordinated by our Technical Centre in Luxembourg. The process is simple and efficient, as slots can be booked or altered with a simple phone call or email.

Satellite footprint

Currently, we operate 14 digital satellite channels (3.8 MHz) on Eutelsat 16A.

The satellite footprint allows transmissions from Scandinavia to North Africa, from Ireland to the Ural and includes news generating regions like the Middle East, Iraq or Afghanistan. The satellite channels can flexibly be bundled to reach higher bandwidths for HD transmissions.