ENEX at the Heart of Europe

European Parliament Vice President Mairead McGuinness was among the guests at a Stronger Partnerships seminar designed to help place ENEX bang at the centre of the relationship between EU institutions and the public.


Ms McGuinness spoke of the importance of ensuring that the people who elect politicians are able to see that democracy in action.


ENEX’s Managing Director Adrian Wells, announcing closer technical cooperation between the organisations, said: “From the refugee crisis to the economic strife in Greece to the fight against terror, the European Parliament and other institutions are at the centre of the biggest stories of today.


“In providing an increasing number of live feeds and packages showing people what is happening in the Parliament, ENEX has become one of its major distribution partners. With the high-quality programme facilities now available free for ENEX members at the Parliament, it has the potential to be a hugely important editorial resource.”


Representatives from more than 20 ENEX partners enjoyed a tour of the different live facilities available at the Brussels Parliament and took part in debates about the strength of the opposing UK/EU referendum arguments, data protection legislation and investigative journalism in the age of the Panama Papers.


The technical advancement centred on the unveiling of a LiveU server at the Parliament which can be used by ENEX partners to route live signals either to their own LiveU equipment or by satellite via the ENEX newsroom in Luxembourg.


Further details about the technical specifications and information about how the system will work for partners will be announced later this week.