AI-Based Video Distribution Platform to Boost News Exchange Across Europe and Beyond

An Enex led consortium has won a Euros 1.6m grant from the European Union to develop a next generation video distribution platform for its European and global news partners.  The project, called “Create and Exchange”, will utilize AI technologies to allow the rapid translation and transcription of video to multiple EU languages and enhance live news feed distribution.

Technical development is led by BCE which is part of a six-party consortium also including:  M6, RTL News Luxembourg, RTL Germany, SIC Portugal and former RTL entities RTL Croatia, RTL TVI Belgium. The platform relies on the latest cloud technologies and replaces a previous hardware-based system.  Create and Exchange also includes editorial commitments to explore new video formats, increase the quantity of video material shared between European Union based news partners and the expansion of trusted news to European territories not already included in the Enex partnership.  

James Glynn and Alen Kezele join the ENEX project “Create and Exchange”

To help deliver the project Enex has recruited two new contracted staff. Project Director, James Glynn, joins from Twitter where he was previously Senior Curation Lead and Senior Editorial Manager, Alen Kezele, joins from RTL Croatia where has Head of News Production.

Managing Director of Enex, Adrian Wells, said ‘’This is the biggest grant award we have ever won in our history and it will allow us to provide an excellent experience for our members newsrooms easing their workload and allowing the frictionless exchange of content.’’