Entries by Mark Evans

Next level up for ENEX Discovery

Luxembourg, 18 November 2019 – ENEX, an association of the world’s leading commercial broadcasters who share their news content and production resources, today announced the next phase of its rapidly growing social media newsgathering operation ENEX Discovery, joining forces with its partners to create a truly global service. ENEX Discovery was launched in January 2019 […]

A Glimpse Into The Future

More than 60 delegates from the ENEX partner base gathered for the annual Coordinators Meeting in Brussels at the end of February. They were granted a glimpse into the future as partners and invited speakers took part in sessions that examined how journalism, new technology and government intervention might shape how we all work in […]

ENEX – On The Move

ENEX has moved offices to a new building. The move has been triggered by the decision of RTL Group Luxembourg to build a new media complex called ‘RTL City’ adjacent to the previous offices. The move started on Tuesday 12th December and continued for three days.  ENEX has been fully operational for the first time at […]

ENEX’s Caribbean Adventure

ENEX’s 2016 General Assembly had everything a partner could possibly want – right down to a breaking news special event. The main day of the conference – attended by around 70 delegates – coincided with the announcement that the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize had been won by Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos for his role in bringing […]

ANS licence revoked: ENEX reaction

In response to the recent decision of the Baku Court of Appeal to revoke the broadcasting licence of ANS Television in Azerbaijan, ENEX has sent the following letter to His Excellency Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan.   The letter calls for the ANS licence to be restored and underlines ENEX’s commitment to fair, balanced and unbiased […]

ENEX in Latin America

ENEX’s Latin American partners have met in the Dominican Republic to hear about the latest ENEX innovations. Top of the list was the roll-out of new Streambox technology which allows partners, beyond the Eutelsat footprint, to more easily receive ENEX live content. ENEX has worked with its partners at Streambox and BCE to provide this […]