ENEX’s Caribbean Adventure

ENEX’s 2016 General Assembly had everything a partner could possibly want – right down to a breaking news special event.

The main day of the conference – attended by around 70 delegates – coincided with the announcement that the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize had been won by Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos for his role in bringing the country’s 50-year civil war to an end.

And in true ENEX style, we turned it into a special SNG event so partners could report live into their home stations’ news programmes.

Aslaug Cecilie Henriksen, TV2 Norway, goes live from Cartagena

Aslaug Cecilie Henriksen, TV2 Norway, goes live from Cartagena

A combination of the generous hospitality of our hosts Caracol, a beautiful Caribbean location and a succession of fascinating news sessions made it one of the most successful conferences held by the group.

The assembly also discussed the life and legacy of Pablo Escobar, Colombia’s most infamous son. Escobar’s life has been serialised in the Netflix drama NARCOS and Caracol’s own hit series El Patron Del Mal.

Also included were sessions on how to cut costs in broadcast television while maintaining high standards, the problems facing journalists covering the war against ISIS and a keynote speaker on digital disruption.

ENEX Managing Director, Adrian Wells, said, ‘’This was a landmark assembly symbolising ENEX’s global reach.’’

In the coming days we will be posting some of the incredible videos shown during the conference and links to some of the sessions.