A Glimpse Into The Future

More than 60 delegates from the ENEX partner base gathered for the annual Coordinators Meeting in Brussels at the end of February.

They were granted a glimpse into the future as partners and invited speakers took part in sessions that examined how journalism, new technology and government intervention might shape how we all work in the coming months and years.

Mobile journalism came under the spotlight as colleagues from BFM talked about how their new Paris-based news channel uses only iPhones for all their picture gathering and reporter lives and an app demonstration looked at how those pictures can be edited on the move.

Investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova, who was interviewed live into the meeting via Skype, shared her powerful story of blackmail and imprisonment by the Azerbaijaini government as they seek to clamp down on freedom of the press. Editorial figures from the ENEX partner group joined in with their first-hand experiences of governments placing restrictions on the media.

The conference was generously hosted in Belgium by RTL TVI at their offices and the traditional Coordinators’ Dinner was at Leon’s, one of Brussels’ most famous brasseries.

Adrian Wells, ENEX’s Managing Director, gave partners a glîmpse of ENEX’s own future, including its recent harnessing of watermarking technology. He said: “The meeting was a testament to the work of our partners at the cutting edge of new technology and practices in the industry. It is largely thanks to their strength that ENEX is the considerable editorial force it is today.”

As we did last year, we will be posting links or videos from the journalism sessions we produced this year, including digital journalism and mobile newsgathering and presentations from the ENEX team.