As Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos arrived in Norway to accept this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, Caracol TV’s correspondents were already broadcasting live from Oslo – thanks to the cooperation of TV2.

Caracol’s TV promo for their coverage of the trip

Fellow ENEX partner TV2 Norway provided Caracol with a LiveU unit and the use of their satellite truck and live rooftop position.

This meant Caracol correspondents Dora Glottman and Luis E Maldonado and the channel’s News Director Juan Roberto Vargas could follow their President’s movements through from his visit to the Norwegian Parliament through to Saturday’s ceremony itself.

The 65-year-old Santos was awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for 2016 for his efforts to achieve a peace agreement with the FARC guerrillas in Colombia. The agreement put an end to 50 years of civil war.

Here, Caracol News Director Juan Roberto Vargas thanks TV2 for their help during a live from Oslo during the trip.

It is a returned favour for Caracol as they provided a satellite truck for TV2 Norway and other partners to do live crosses from Cartagena when the award was announced during the ENEX General Assembly in October.

And further proof of the power of the ENEX collective.