“The Journal” welcomed as new ENEX member from Ireland

ENEX is delighted to announce the start of a trial membership with The Journal in Ireland. 

It marks the first time ENEX has welcomed a digital-only publisher into the membership group. 

TheJournal.ie operates from its headquarters in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, and covers national and international news across a range of digital platforms. 

We are excited to explore the possibilities of this collaboration, and we believe that the addition of TheJournal.ie to our membership group will further enhance the diversity and quality of news content available to our audience. 

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AI-Based Video Distribution Platform to Boost News Exchange Across Europe and Beyond

An Enex led consortium has won a Euros 1.6m grant from the European Union to develop a next generation video distribution platform for its European and global news partners.  The project, called “Create and Exchange”, will utilize AI technologies to allow the rapid translation and transcription of video to multiple EU languages and enhance live news feed distribution.

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ENEX-Led Consortium Secures €1.6M Grant to Develop Next-Gen Video Distribution Platform

We are delighted to announce that an ENEX led consortium has won a €1.6m grant from the European Union to develop a next-generation video distribution platform for its European and global news partners.

The link to official results is available here:

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ENEX Technical Committee Meeting at Red Bull Salzburg / Austria

ENEX Technical Committee brought together the technology leaders from global commercial TV stations in Salzburg, Austria on May 4th and 5th, 2023. Over 50 ENEX partners met at the Bulls Corner at the Red Bull Arena, home of FC Red Bull Salzburg coming from Mexico to Kurdistan.

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ENEX Coordinators Meeting Sofia, Bulgaria

bTV, Bulgaria proved to be a wonderful host of ENEX’s annual coordinators meeting on March 30/31.  The meeting was attended by over 60 editorial representatives from across the ENEX partnership including many ‘first-timers’.  In a busy two-day schedule, Sky News presented the first plans for the Coronation of King Charles which will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London. 

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ENEX held its latest Editorial Meeting in Cologne, Germany

ENEX is an association of the world’s leading commercial TV broadcasters with a collaborative approach: members share content and resources to provide each other with trusted and verified news. This is particularly useful during breaking news situations, such as the ongoing war in Ukraine. On Thursday 9 June and Friday 10 June, ENEX members travelled to RTL Deutschland’s main location in Cologne, Germany, to meet each other face-to-face and exchange on key topics.

“The core of ENEX is networking and collaboration”

The Editorial Committee Meeting was opened by Sonja Schwetje, Editor-in-Chief at NTV and RTL News and Chair of the Board of Enex. Sonja welcomed the attendees to RTL Deutschland and praised all members for remaining close to their audiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. She also mentioned the ongoing war in Ukraine, in which Enex and its members are doing their best to fight disinformation, uphold independent journalism and maintain media coverage in Ukraine.

“Video material is the lifeblood of Enex”

The meeting continued with a welcome and editorial update from Mark Evans, Head of News at ENEX. Mark covered the latest trends and developments since the last editorial meeting in Belgrade, which took place over two years ago. 

Thanks to Donald Trump, 2019 was a highlight year for ENEX in terms of editorial content, with the upward trend of “hits over time” (when a partner uses content) continuing into 2021. Clear peaks could be seen for the Covid-19 pandemic, with a total of 2,300 stories published in April 2020, followed by further peaks for the US election and Russian invasion. The most popular videos between March 2020 and May 2022 were from hospitals in Bergamo at the beginning of the pandemic, provided by Sky UK, followed by footage of a baby being rescued in Beirut, also provided by Sky UK, and a massive explosion in Beirut, sourced by ENEX.

ENEX provides its members with two types of content: content from other partners, and content which is sourced directly by ENEX news editors. Using the Russian invasion as an example, Mark showed a moving video with footage from Ukraine – showing stories which would have otherwise remained untold. After sourcing and seeking permission to share the video, ENEX verifies the information to check it is true and accurate. The content is then published for all Enex members to use on their news channels.

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Sad Passing Of ENEX Legend

Enex is sad to report the death of Michael Bach who was Enex’s Deputy Managing Director from 1994 until his retirement in 2013.  He was 68. Michael joined Enex at its creation working alongside its founder Nic Jakob. 

A native German from Glatten the Black Forest region,  Michael still lived in Luxembourg with his wife Geli enjoying frequent trips abroad to escape the winters. Prior to joining Enex, Michael was the Head of News for RTL Germany’s Breakfast programming which started broadcasting from Luxembourg before being relocated to Berlin.  

All his colleagues and friends remember his positive and generous spirit.  Post retirement Michael returned to work at Enex on several occasions including during the terrorist attacks on the Bataclan venue in Paris. His experience was much appreciated and admired by all those who worked with him. 

ENEX General Assembly Curaçao: First physical conference in 2 years

Willemstad, Curacao was the exotic location for Enex’s first physical conference in two years. The news agency has strong news partnerships across Latin America and the Caribbean islands including the local host, TeleCuracao. 50 representatives from Enex’s membership attended the meeting which featured special sessions on reporting the environment, the rise of opinion news, and a debate about cancel culture.

Four new Enex partners, who have joined over the last 18 months, gave introductory presentations including TVC News, Nigeria, TeleOnce, Puerto Rico, Bandeirantes, Brazil, and Real TV, Azerbaijan. Enex now has 54 members worldwide.

A high-level delegation from WAM, the national news agency of the UAE, also attended to sign a Latin American cooperation deal and highlight EXPO 2020, Dubai which runs until March 2022.

ENEX Expands further in Africa and Asia

ENEX is growing even bigger! We have two new partners, both leaders in their territories.

TVBS joins us from Taiwan and TVC News from Nigeria. Here are some interesting facts: Taiwan has been one of the most successful nations in the world tackling Coronavirus.

Nigeria’s population is more than 200 million – the 7th most populous nation in the world. Look out for Taiwanese content and Nigerian stories already appearing on our platform.



CCTV+ and ENEX Partners Announce New Cooperation on Business News

CCTV+ and ENEX have signed a new agreement to cooperate closely on video production projects to highlight business and finance news in China. Travel restrictions, because of Covid, has made reporting in China impossible for many channels who do not have a bureau in Beijing or Shanghai.

ENEX will now work with CCTV+ producers to supply economic news to ENEX partners as economies strive to emerge from the shock of the global pandemic. Read more