Sad Passing Of ENEX Legend

Enex is sad to report the death of Michael Bach who was Enex’s Deputy Managing Director from 1994 until his retirement in 2013.  He was 68. Michael joined Enex at its creation working alongside its founder Nic Jakob. 

A native German from Glatten the Black Forest region,  Michael still lived in Luxembourg with his wife Geli enjoying frequent trips abroad to escape the winters. Prior to joining Enex, Michael was the Head of News for RTL Germany’s Breakfast programming which started broadcasting from Luxembourg before being relocated to Berlin.  

All his colleagues and friends remember his positive and generous spirit.  Post retirement Michael returned to work at Enex on several occasions including during the terrorist attacks on the Bataclan venue in Paris. His experience was much appreciated and admired by all those who worked with him. 

ENEX General Assembly Curaçao: First physical conference in 2 years

Willemstad, Curacao was the exotic location for Enex’s first physical conference in two years. The news agency has strong news partnerships across Latin America and the Caribbean islands including the local host, TeleCuracao. 50 representatives from Enex’s membership attended the meeting which featured special sessions on reporting the environment, the rise of opinion news, and a debate about cancel culture.

Four new Enex partners, who have joined over the last 18 months, gave introductory presentations including TVC News, Nigeria, TeleOnce, Puerto Rico, Bandeirantes, Brazil, and Real TV, Azerbaijan. Enex now has 54 members worldwide.

A high-level delegation from WAM, the national news agency of the UAE, also attended to sign a Latin American cooperation deal and highlight EXPO 2020, Dubai which runs until March 2022.

ENEX Expands further in Africa and Asia

ENEX is growing even bigger! We have two new partners, both leaders in their territories.

TVBS joins us from Taiwan and TVC News from Nigeria. Here are some interesting facts: Taiwan has been one of the most successful nations in the world tackling Coronavirus.

Nigeria’s population is more than 200 million – the 7th most populous nation in the world. Look out for Taiwanese content and Nigerian stories already appearing on our platform.

CCTV+ and ENEX Partners Announce New Cooperation on Business News

CCTV+ and ENEX have signed a new agreement to cooperate closely on video production projects to highlight business and finance news in China. Travel restrictions, because of Covid, has made reporting in China impossible for many channels who do not have a bureau in Beijing or Shanghai.

ENEX will now work with CCTV+ producers to supply economic news to ENEX partners as economies strive to emerge from the shock of the global pandemic. Read more

ENEX will now carry A24 agency stories from Southeast Asia

A24 agency, a leader in Middle East content, is now expanding its coverage to South East Asia. ENEX will now carry their stories from Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar and Thailand. Read more

ENEX LIVE Webinar on U.S. Elections 2020

In this first ENEX webinar series on 1. October 2020 we were live with CBS White House correspondents and special guests examined the campaign’s final days and what each result will mean for our global future.

This webinar was live from Washington, London and Paris on our YouTube channel.



Tim Marshall is the author of the international best selling ‘Prisoners of Geography’ and host of The What And The Why podcast.

He was the Diplomatic Editor of Sky News and foreign correspondent. Drawing on his thirty year career in broadcasting he is now a regular foreign affairs contributor to the BBC, Sky and LBC.

Anthony Salvanto, Ph.D, is CBS News’ director of Elections and Surveys.

He oversees all polling across the nation, states and congressional races, and heads the CBS News Decision Desk that estimates outcomes on election nights.

Salvanto appears regularly across all CBS News broadcasts and platforms.

Since January 2012, Francois Clemenceau is Editor-in-chief of the Journal du Dimanche, in charge of international news.

He was previously Europe 1 Washington Correspondent for 7 years.

Paula Reid



Paula Reid  is a CBS News White House Correspondent based in Washington, D.C. Reid’s reporting is featured across all CBS News broadcasts and platforms. Before being named a White House correspondent in 2019, Reid covered the justice beat for CBS News. She provided extensive reporting on the Justice Department and led the network’s coverage of special counsel Robert Mueller and major developments related to the Mueller probe.

Her exchanges during White House briefings have frequently made news, such as when the White House revealed that President Trump believes he can fire the Special Counsel and during the Covid 19 pandemic.  She reports across all CBS platforms including CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning, Face the Nation, CBSN and CBS News Radio.

François Clemenceau stated his opinion on the debate with the following words: “Frankly, I have never seen something like this debate, nothing at all. […] What we watched on this debate is not democracy as we practice it in Europe and this is not America as we think we love America.” 

“I come back again to that great uncertainty in this race, which is the process of turning out,” said Anthony Salvanto, about the postal voting system – which seems to be understood better by Republicans than Democrats.”

“When asked about potential long-lasting damage done to the democratic institutions, Paula Reid commented: “He [Trump] is a symptom of some problems we have here in the US, particularly hyper-partisanship, racial tensions, economic disparity. I don’t think he’s the one who came in and caused all these problems […] in his own way he’s just setting new standards.”

Next level up for ENEX Discovery

Luxembourg, 18 November 2019 – ENEX, an association of the world’s leading commercial broadcasters who share their news content and production resources, today announced the next phase of its rapidly growing social media newsgathering operation ENEX Discovery, joining forces with its partners to create a truly global service.

ENEX Discovery was launched in January 2019 with the appointment of Digital News Editor
Colm McGlinchey to source and verify online user-generated news content and to secure publication rights for its partners.

Now, ENEX Discovery has created a new online community which will include experienced journalists from its 57 partners around the world ensuring that user-generated material is being sourced and cleared for use – around the world and around the clock.

Originally, around 30 videos were being cleared each week by the teams in Luxembourg, Colombia and Australia. That figure now exceeds 230 videos per month and continues to rise.

Mark Evans
, Head of News at ENEX, says: “Up until now, ENEX’s newsrooms in Luxembourg, Colombia and Australia have been sourcing and clearing social media content for fast, safe use by all its partners. Now it is time to use the full power of the network to have partners clearing video for each other. It’s faster and more efficient and the potential for growth is huge. Restrictions of newsroom budgets and manpower and the explosion of social media content means this is a vital element of the future of newsgathering.”


The new global community also allows for the exchange of information, best-practice techniques and increased efficiency in alerting colleagues to fakes, deep fakes and mislabelled content. ENEX Discovery will be further formalised with a gathering of expert social media journalists from across the ENEX network in March 2020. The service is an addition to ENEX’s traditional role in exchanging self-sourced content across its global partner base and sharing production facilities.


Through the use of watermarking technology – which can identify exactly which video is being used on TV and where – the ENEX Discovery team can focus sharply on the right content and the right subjects. Thanks to this same tracking technology, ENEX Discovery can be sure of becoming an instrumental component in helping its partners cover breaking news stories as and when they happen. When Paris’ Notre Dame caught fire in April 2019, ENEX Discovery-sourced video was some of the fastest and most-used content of 2019. Equally, the ongoing demonstrations in Hong Kong are fertile ground for uncovering video that is not always safe for partners to cover themselves.


For further information please contact:

Mark Evans
ead of News
Phone: +352 691 992 198

ENEX Tech leaders met in Paris

What is over the horizon for technology for broadcast and digital journalism? ENEX Tech leaders met in Paris to share some of the answers.  More than 50 delegates from across the ENEX partnership group discussed innovations in Mobile Journalism (MOJO), the latest trends studio graphics and the new innovations in satellite technology.

There’s a lot going on at ENEX too with delegates learning more about the creation of the company’s new website and integration with AWS cloud services. Next year’s meeting is already scheduled to be at Red Bull Media House’s new media facility in Salzburg.

ENEX moves into Morocco

ENEX is continuing its expansion in the Middle East and North Africa by signing a new partner in Morocco.  MAP is Morocco’s leading news agency which also has plans to launch a full 24-hour news television channel in the near future.

MAP has newsgathering offices around the world and extensive links with most West African countries.  The cooperation partnership was signed in Rabat by ENEX’s Hamza El Attar, who is responsible for Enex Middle East Operations.

MAP’s Director General, Khalil Hachimi Idrissi welcomed the deal and the opportunities for international Enex content to reach Morocco and news from the region to be distributed to Enex’s partner stations. 

GA Vilnius 2018: Session Videos Available On Our YouTube channel

Want to see some of the best conference sessions of our General Assembly in Vilnius in October 2018? Cyber warfare, Artificial Intelligence, Fake News and How to Survive Disruption all covered. Here’s the YouTube playlist link:…

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