Watch out for Wochit

ENEX content will now be available on the Wochit video creation platform, for those members who also are clients of Wochit.

A number of ENEX members such as TV2 Denmark, CBS, M6, RTL Germany and Caracol, Colombia are already using Wochit to create videos for social media applications.

TV2 Denmark use of Wochit for Hong Kong Tornado social media post

Wochit, which was founded in 2012, aims to make producing videos for social and digital platforms easy and cost effective. The company already has content arrangements with AP, Reuters, Getty, Bloomberg and now ENEX content too.

Wochit Edit Tool and Timeline

Wochit Edit Tool and Timeline

Many news stations are increasingly focusing on producing videos for Facebook and other platforms. Adrian Wells, Managing Director of ENEX, said, “It is great for ENEX partners to be able to use our content on whichever application they want so we are delighted to work with Wochit.’’

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Jo Schmaltz, VP Global Content Partnerships, Wochit

Jo Schmaltz, Vice-President of Global Content Partnerships, said, “Our shared commitment to supporting the work of journalists and broadcasters, makes ENEX an ideal partner for Wochit.” ENEX has negotiated preferential introductory rates for ENEX members who want to use the service.

Please find more information about how the Wochit creation platform works under :