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Indoors is one of few places it doesn’t rain in Bergen. ENEX members with TV2 rain hats

Big Audience For Bergen

TV2 News studio with robotic camera rail and advanced lighting scheme

ENEX keeps on growing’ was the key message to a record number (75) of journalists and coordinators from ENEX’s partners when they met in Bergen, Norway, February 22nd and 23rd.  The event was hosted by TV2 Norway which has just moved into a new media centre. The building hosts TV2 and many other media and technology companies.  It is a small city but Bergen has a big profile in media, being the venue for the Nordic Media Festival (May 2nd -4th) and the home of many innovative broadcast technology companies like Vizrt, Wolftech and Vimond.

New Partnerships

Recently ENEX has secured a new partner in Panama and hopes to welcome back an Icelandic partner in the near future. A trial cooperation has also started with the Shanghai Media Group as ENEX’s growth strategy moves towards Asia. ENEX’s Head of News, Mark Evans, told the audience that items named ‘Donald Trump’ topped the category list of most broadcast content. Other traditional ENEX favourites included weather stories, elections, attacks and shootings, protests and referendums.  Read more

Nobel Peace Prize – ENEX Partners in Full Cooperation

As Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos arrived in Norway to accept this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, Caracol TV’s correspondents were already broadcasting live from Oslo – thanks to the cooperation of TV2. Caracol’s TV promo for their coverage of the trip