Pool Operations

ENEX members organize pool operations for the coverage of major political, social and sports events. Coordinated by the ENEX Centre, these operations enable our members to share costs for transmissions, live positions and other production resources.

Recent examples of our pool operations include the coverage of the Brexit vote for Britain to leave the EU, European Summits, Italian avalanche and the terrorist truck attack in Berlin.

Bilateral Relationships

ENEX members share their production resources, their expertise and local insight. When a member needs to produce news content in the territory of another member, they can ask for production support at cost prices. Many times this kind of support comes for free, as providing a slot in a city center position or a private SNG truck does not cost the host member.

Having a local partner in more than 50 countries means that besides equipment and premises, our members can use the connections and knowledge of the local TV channel. Getting interview access or local insight to the news coverage becomes much easier and more reliable.