ENEX News Cooperation Partners Are Sometimes In Unexpected Locations…

ENEX News cooperation partners are sometimes in unexpected locations: Take Unitel, Bolivia for example, which last week (April 26-27) hosted more than 80 attendees at a gathering of ENEX Latin American partners and ENEX’s sister organisation, the Allianza Informativa Latin Americana (AIL). Headquartered in Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Unitel is Bolivia’s leading commercial television channel and news service.

Delegates from 21 Latin American commercial channels discussed the future of news cooperation while ENEX also presented its newest partnerships and plans to gather and verify more social videos.

The AIL and ENEX have forged very strong links over the last five years and are planning joint news operations to cover the World Cup in Russia this summer.

Enex’s newest partner, Channel 2 Iceland, is drawn in the same group as Argentina, Croatia and Nigeria. The football tournament highlights the beauty of global news cooperation, sometimes between unlikely match-ups.


AIL Meeting Bolivia 2018 hosted by Unitel

AIL Meeting Bolivia 2018 hosted by Unitel