ENEX has launched its new AI assisted video distribution platform at a meeting of its partnership group at the European Parliament in Brussels.  The News Exchange Platform (NEP) is developed by BCE and is also being utilized by the European Broadcasting Union.

The new platform allows users to translate scripts from most European languages and transcribe voice-tracks and interviews into multiple languages. The project has been partly funded by a grant from the European Commission.  The 50+ attendees at the meeting also discussed the future possibilities of AI tech in newsrooms.  The European Parliament organised several presentations looking ahead to the European Parliament elections which take place in June.

Also debated was how to report the fractured politics and culture wars in our societies while maintaining freedom of speech versus not allowing hate speech or prejudice on the air?  ENEX’s Head of News Mark Evans announced several new partners had joined ENEX including media organisations from North Macedonia, Cyprus and Moldova.

Weblinks to Photo Galleries and Meeting documents (pdf)