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ECO TV Panama joins ENEX

The ENEX partnership is growing again, this time with a new member joining from Panama. ECO TV is a 24-hour news channel offering opinion, analysis, interviews and is an exclusive channel of the main cable company in Panama, Cable Onda. ECO’s news journalists and presenters are highly experienced and its schedule includes many innovative formats. The channel is ENEX’s 14th partner from Latin America. Of course, famous for the canal, Panama is also a centre for trade, agriculture and tourism.

Soraya Castellano, ECO Senior Manager

Soraya Castellano, ECO Senior Manager

Soraya Castellano, ECO Senior Manager, said, “The incorporation of ECO to the ENEX gives us exclusive and differentiated content in an increasingly globalised and competitive world. Through this alliance, we now possess news content from Europe, Asia, and North America, which allows us to offer our audience relevant and immediate information.”

Adrian Wells, ENEX Managing Director, said, “ENEX is now very strong in Latin America. ECO is a great addition for us alongside other progress we are making in the Middle East and Asia.”