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Simon Hof Appointed as New Chairman of the ENEX Board of Directors

As of 1 January 2024, Sonja Schwetje stepped down as Chair of the Enex Board of Directors to focus on the strategic priorities in her positions as Managing Director Programming at RTL Deutschland’s news channel NTV and as Editor-in-Chief of Business & Networks at RTL News. 

The role of Chair at Enex, RTL Group’s global news organisation, has been taken over by Simon Hof. Simon started his career at RTL Deutschland in 1997. Among other projects, he led the establishment of a central sourcing unit, founded a verification team at RTL News andwas responsible for the editorial management of prime-time format RTL Extra. Simon currently serves as Head of Journalistic Services at RTL News. He is a member of the RTL News Board and the RTL Deutschland AI Circle.

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