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Celebrating 30 years of Enex

(Article by Oliver Fahlbusch / RTL Group) Enex celebrated 30 years of global collaboration during its latest General Assembly at RTL City in Luxembourg.

RTL City in Luxembourg – the birthplace of Enex – recently played host to a major event: Enex’s General Assembly. This year was particularly special as it marked Enex’s 30th anniversary, making it a significant milestone for the global news organisation. 89 delegates from across the globe attended the meeting to share knowledge and discuss a range of topics during the two-day event held on 12 and 13 October 2023. 

Adrian Wells, Enex’s Managing Director, set the stage for the General Assembly by reflecting on the company’s three-decade journey and the world events that have unfolded during that time. He emphasised Enex’s pride in its diverse membership and the importance of the network as the company’s key differentiator. Adrian’s introduction paved the way for Sonja Schwetje, Editor-in-Chief of NTV and Chair of the Enex Board, to begin with a powerful speech.  She highlighted the significance of press freedom, trust, and the diversity of opinions in the media industry.  

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